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"I'm very simple when it comes to what's important to me. It costs nothing to be nice, and I don't have a hard time understanding other human beings." - Shannon Hoon
RIP magazine, November 1993 / ... See more

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Smile As Much As Possible

An important reminder from Shannon: "Smile as much as possible."

"Goodnight, and be safe, and smile as much as possible, cuz life isn't really all that bad. Thank you." - Shannon Hoon

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Blind Melon, New York, NY, Saturday Night Live 01/08/1994 / photo credit: Edie Baskin

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Steve Rosen interviews Shannon Hoon

Steve Rosen interviews Shannon Hoon at Capitol Records in Los Angeles (May 1995)

Steve Rosen interviews Shannon Hoon May 1995 Los Angeles, California To hear the complete interview with Shannon Hoon, Christopher Thorn, and Rogers Stevens,...

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The latest Tweets from (@shannonhoon1967): "photo credit: Mark Weiss (Hit Parader, February 1994) #shannonhoon #blindmelon #caroleking #earthmoveundermyfeet ... See more

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photo credit: Mark Weiss (Hit Parader, February 1994)

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Shannon and Gus, The Lowlands Festival, The Netherlands, August 26th, 1995 / photo credit: Irene Moolhuysen

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The Tones Of Home Gathering

It will be September before we know it 💖 We can't wait to see all of y'all's beautiful faces!!!! Please check out & like the Tones Of Home Gathering page for more up to date information. And ... See more

Hello Friends 😀 For those of you who don't already know the Gathering will be held on the weekend of September 21st-23rd. This is the weekend before Shannon's birthday* Most everyone will be ... See more

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Check out Taylor Raphel's phenomenal rendition of Galaxie

Check out the amazingly talented Taylor Raphel performing this phenomenal cover of "Galaxie"! Pretty sure this lil girl is doing Shannon and Nel proud, and I hear she is coming out with a full album ... See more

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Sittin’ on the back of my time
Fishin’ through the city’s phone lines
Suddenly, suddenly till my back's out of line
Photo courtesy of Nel Hoon

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